• Riso SF5030E

    Original Scanning mode, Scanning Level, Enlargement/Reproduction, Dot Process, 2-Up, Book, Ink Saving, Quick Master Making, ADF-Semi-Auto*3, Speed, Density, Print Position, Program A/B, Job Separation*3, Idling, Confidential, Meter Display, Count Report Output, Proof, Direct Printing, USB Flash-via-Printing, Auto Sleep Setting, Auto Power-OFF Setting, ECO mode, RISO iQuality System.

  • Samsung SL-C3060FR/XFA

    The Samsung ProXpress C3060FR gives small and medium-sized businesses the tools they need to compete at a higher level cost efficiency, professional print quality and fast printing speed.

  • Samsung SL-C4060FX

    The ProXpress C4060FX has an intuitive Android-based interface and is equipped with the innovative ReCP technology. It boasts scan speeds of 60 ipm and has a large toner capacity with durable parts which helps to lower TCO.

  • Samsung SL-K4350LX/XFA

    SMART MultiXpress K4350LX provides smart usability that allows users to work faster and more efficiently. Its intuitive controls help users meet the demands of businesses that depend on heavy volume printing with a low total cost of ownership.

  • Samsung SL-K7600GX/XFA

    The powerful Samsung K7600GX is designed for the growing A3 printer market. It offers high-performance, cost-efficient features and embedded security to deliver low total cost of ownership for businesses that depend on high-volume printing.

  • Samsung SL-M4070FR/XFA

    Businesses increasingly require high productivity on a limited budget. Samsung’s SL-M4070FR ProXpress 42 ppm monochrome multifunction printer provides fast, professional quality with 4-in-1 functionality and lower operating costs all around. Delivering high performance and ease of use along with mobile printing capability, you can accelerate document and image processing for increased efficiency.

  • Samsung SL-M4580FX/XFA

    Innovation and usability is built into the SMART ProXpress M4580FX. The Samsung SMART UX Center is the first smart Android™ printing UX that is intuitive, extendible and ensures compatibility with various Android-based devices.

  • Samsung SL-M5370LX/XFA

    Samsung’s Smart MultiXpress M5370LX monochrome multifunction printer provides smart usability that allows users to work fast and efficiently with intuitive, easy-to-use controls, high performance and resource-efficient features.

  • Samsung SL-X4300LX/XFA

    The SMART MultiXpress X4300LX printer are equipped with Dual-Scan ADF technology that delivers faster scanning speeds of up to 80 single-sided image per minute (ipm) and up to 100 double side ipm for colour and up to 120 double-side ipm for mono. and a 1 GHz dual-core CPU that powers printing at 30 pages per minute (ppm). With high-performance speed printing, businesses can work smoothly and operate more efficiently.

  • Samsung SL-X7600GX/XFA

    These powerful series of MFPs are specifically designed to respond to the growing A3 printer market trend, boasting smart usability that enables businesses to work faster and more efficiently with intuitive, user-friendly controls. Equipped with high-performance, cost-efficient features and embedded security, Samsung X7600 series MFPs meet the demands of businesses that depend on high-volume printing with low total cost of ownership (TCO).