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High-Speed Fibre Internet

Faster than ADSL

Fibre uses optical cables to carry data via light, which makes it A LOT faster than ADSL. With the improved bandwidth throughput of Fibre, you’ll have a much more stable connection, as well as lower latency. And, because Fibre uses light instead of electrical pulses, it is weather resistant and doesn’t degrade over large distances, giving you a consistent, dependable experience.

No traditional phoneline necessary

One of the awesome benefits of using Fibre is that you don’t need a traditional landline to get connected. You'll get to save hundreds every month because you’re not paying for a phone line just to connect to the internet. Plus, never worry about copper cable theft ever again!

Affordable Uncapped High-Speed Fibre

Get affordable uncapped high-speed fibre from as little as R399pm! Speeds ranging from 10mbps to 200mbps. Unthrottled packages are now also available.

Why you should get Fibre

Blazing Fast Speeds & Great Reliability

Ideal For The Serious Online Gamer

Watch Netflix & More With No Buffering

Our high-speed fibre internet is available in Lichtenburg & Ventersdorp.

FREE Wi-Fi Router

Get a FREE Wi-Fi Router when you sign up for any of our packages!

We are more than just Fibre

Add more value to your Fibre network!

Replace your traditional phone with a data phone and keep your number. Port to MCE and connect to the phone that runs over our Fibre.

Save BIG on your phone bill!

Call rates are drastically lower than your standard phone line company.

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